Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance

2015 Belle & Sebastian
175 RON


Side 0
  • The Party Line
  • Enter Sylvia Plath
  • Play For Today
  • Perfect Couples
Side A
  • The Party Line
Side B
  • The Everlasting Muse
  • Power Of Three
  • Today (This Army's For Peace)
Side C
  • Enter Sylvia Plath
Side D
  • Born To Act
  • Two Birds
  • Ever Had A Little Faith? (Extended Version)
Side E
  • Play For Today
Side F
  • Nobody's Empire
  • Piggy In The Middle
  • The Book Of You
Side G
  • Perfect Couples (Extended Version)
Side H
  • Allie
  • A Politician's Silence
  • The Cat With The Cream


Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance este cel de-al nouălea album de studio al trupei indie pop scoțiene Belle and Sebastian, lansat pe 19 ianuarie 2015. Albumul a fost înregistrat în Atlanta, Georgia, în 2014 și a fost primul disc al Belle & Sebastian care a fost produs de Ben H. Allen III.