The Real Folk Blues Legends – Cowboy Bebop

2024 The Seatbelts
160 RON


Side A
  • The Real Folk Blues - Mai Yamane
  • Cosmic Dare (Pretty With A Pistol)
  • Elm - Pierre Bensusan
  • Clutch
Side B
  • Call Me Call Me - Steve Conte
  • Is It Real?
  • Wo Qui Non Coin - Aoi Tada
  • Forever Broke
  • Spy
  • Time To Know~Be Waltz
Side C
  • Gotta Knock A Little Harder
  • Fantaisie Sign - Carla Vallet
  • The Singing Sea - Tulivu-Donna Cumberbatch
  • Hamduche
  • Blue - Mai Yamane
Side D
  • さすらいのカウボーイ カウボーイビバップの テーマ - Aoi Tada
  • Cats On Mars - Gabriela Robin
  • Waltz In High Socks
  • The Fate Of Three
  • The Adventures Of Losers
  • Piano Solo (Live)


Acest LP, atent supervizat de legendara Yoko Kanno, reunește piese din întreaga discografie Cowboy Bebop, inclusiv Blue, No Disc și Knocking on Heaven’s Door, cu emblematica piesă „The Real Folk Blues”.